Anonymous Author Editions is an independent publisher, working as a collective of artists, designers and writers. Founded in May 2011, appears from the first time with the publication of the book "Giorgos Vasilopoulos" in November 2011.

This book reflects the main concept of this publisher. It was made by unknown group of people, who also took care of the whole process of doing the book. In the case of Giorgos Vasilopoulos, after the process of binding, it was hidden inside different second hand book covers. All were different from each other and there were no signs about who the author was/were. This project aims at researching how collective work takes place when all the sense authorship is removed, where the effort for object is worth only for having the object itself or for experiencing the proces. In the end it tends to question the purpose of action in a sequence of three phases: concept of the content of the book, concept of creating the object, concept of presenting in a event.