From a (missing) doll

In February 1924, Franz Kafka visited the Steglitz area of Berlin. While walking in the park he met a young girl, Anne, who was crying because she had lost her doll. Kafka told her not to worry, for the doll was on a trip. In fact he had received a letter from her only a day earlier. They agreed to meet the next day to read the letter together, which they did. Anne and Kafka met regularly over the following weeks to follow the adventures of her travelling doll.
This took place only months before Kafka’s death. These mysterious letters were actively searched by researchers, historicians, treasure hunters, art collectors, and Kafka admirors in general, but were believed lost.
However, thanks to an unexpected (though controversial) discovery, an anonymous group claims that the letters inside this box are seven volumes of the doll’s lost travel diaries. Although verification of their authenticity is still pending, we felt obliged to release these tomes to the public for further scrutiny and enjoyment.
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